"I became acquainted with Ms. Rivenbark  when she served as a consultant who was employed by a multi-physician  group while I was the administrator. She was instrumental in revamping  our A/R  management routine to improve the rate of collections. She  developed an action plan which was very successful, and with some  modifications to employ changing personnel and technology, is still in  place today. She approached this assignment with a thorough  understanding of the sensitive nature and provided enough detail to  bolster the confidence of all involved that the plan would be  successful. She demonstrated competence in working with staff and  physicians alike. I consider her to possess a great deal of expertise  and professionalism in health care management. "
Rick Rutherford, CMPE, Director – Practice Management, American Urological Association 

"I had the opportunity to work withTina Rivenbarkwhile  evaluating a potential new opportunity in my specialty. Tina was able  to construct a very analytical, common-sense approach whereby the  immense value of her vast practice management experience and knowledge  was resoundingly clear. The analytical insight and pragmatic approach  she brought to the table helped me to better understand and visualize  the path on which I should progress. I’m convinced that having Tina on  my team was an extremely advantageous move saving me both time and  money."
Mark M. Pasquarette, M.D., 
Board Certified in Obstetrics & Gynecology, Board Certified in Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility  

"Tina Rivenbark + the Advanced Practice Solutions team ​were  able to help build my practice from the ground up. She is incredibly  responsive + resourceful, and certainly key to my success. I would  whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone without reservation."
Dr. Martin Harrell. Atlantic Pain Consultants 

I have known Tina Rivenbark  for over 15 years. During that period of time, she has consistently  demonstrated the important qualities of competence, integrity &  expertise in her field. Her fund of knowledge is impressive and the  implementation of her solutions to our business challenges has produced  quality results on a consistent basis.

Phil Van Campen, DC, FACO 

My expertise is in dentistry. Tina Rivenbark   turned my passion into a wonderful + lucrative business.  Tina has the  knowledge of the successful practice management theory as well as the  acumen to make it a reality. She listened to my goals for my practice,  laid the course + led my team through the changes necessary to reach  them. Tina is a great addition to the team for both project management +  long-term guidance. 
William H. Salling, D.D.S.

"Tina Rivenbarkwas  instrumental in getting our clinic up and running. Her knowledge and  expertise were invaluable. She had all the bases covered for us, from  our EMR system to our billing agency and everything in between. When we  did open our doors for the first time it was smooth sailing. It was nice  to be able to open up and focus on the patients, not having to worry  about things we forgot to do. It was all taken care of. I would  recommend Tina's services to anyone that wants a smooth and trouble free  takeoff for their business. Thank you Tina for all your help."

Steve Hodgkins, Office Administrator at Advanced Pain Solutions, Ionia, MI