Professional Management of Business & Finances for your practice


APS supports numerous practices at a  variety of levels to ensure a more efficient, accountable, and   profitable practice. Let us put our over 25 years of experience in  operational, financial and strategic management to work for your  practice.  

Safeguard your  practice from internal risks


 Medical practices lose an astonishing $25  billion annually to fraud & embezzlement and 1/3 of those practices  never recover from the financial ruin this can create. APS can help you  protect your practice in a variety of ways. 

Practice compliance, risk management consulting  &  TRAINING


 Compliance issues can be extremely costly  to your practice from both civil and  APS offers a broad spectrum of  development & training options to equip your staff with the tools to  succeed.  

practice start-up, expansion & transition


Let our team help you start, grow, expand or  transition your practice! With skilled planning and flawless execution  we can help to ensure your goals are met and your investment maximized.  We know business so you can get back to practicing medicine!


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